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Just for Fun...

Before you open your mouth when you come in, please read our rules.

  1. Your teachers are experts at teaching, not repairing. We are experts at repairing, not teaching. Any questions?
  2. Your method or cost of procurement bears nothing on cost of repairs.
  3. We add a 10% surcharge if you mention our competition.
  4. Do you believe everything you read on the internet?
  5. No, reeds are still not returnable.
  6. We can't fix your instrument whilst you are playing it. We know you need it, but we can't. Nor can we fix it while you wait, unless you brought a tent and sleeping bag.

Audio, Video and Links

you're looking for pro sound equipment, check there first. These guys know their stuff. 

 - Worlds Largest Sheet Music Retailer, with ePrint. Lots of people ask us about sheet music. We tell them to check this place out. They have everything you can imagine, and you can choose your instrument, arrangement and key, and print it directly from their site. - Saxophone Orchestra featuring a Contrabass Sax
 - Website of the Jeannette Community Band.

Superior Trumpet playing formSuperior Trumpet Playing Form
while it looks like a messy deskWhile it looks like a mess, we know where everything is