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Woodwind Repair Prices and Info


Clarinet, Flute, and Saxophone Cleaning only:  Cleanings include disassembly, thorough sanitization, polishing (when applicable), and re-assembly.

Clarinet and flute re-pads
:  Clarinet and flute re-pads include new pads, necessary corks and felts, thorough sanitization, cleaning and play test.  Tenon corks are included with clarinet re-pad.


Saxophone re-pad:  Saxophone re-pads include new high quality resonator pads, necessary corks and felts, neck cork, thorough sanitization, cleaning and play test.



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Woodwind Instrument Repairs
We are currently experiencing difficulties getting the supplies and chemicals to refinish brass instruments. Check back with us at a later date to see if we are back to refinishing.